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About Loose Tobacco for all things Loose Tobacco

You'll be happy to know that we specialize in tobacco outlet products, and a massive selection of Loose Tobacco.

Our massive selection of rolling papers, filter tubes, injector machines, paper tips, loose tobacco, and other accessories will have you with the firm decision that we are your one stop shop. 

Other websites like this, you'll see how they hide their contact information, they hide their location, they hide their address. Well check this out,  we are located at 1908 E Seltice Way in Post Falls Idaho.  Our phone number is 208-773-9102 and our typical business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, although our walk in store is open 7 days per week and longer hours than this. 

We don't just stock what's available on the open market, we also go to great lengths to source vintage and no longer available items.  For example check out our 1940's mint condition zig-zag rolling papers ungummed. Many of these vintage, rare, and scarce items are in extremely limited quantities and are of course very hard to find.  

As a family run business we take great lengths to satisfy our customers and we have a care and appreciation for you that you won't find from the large corporate websites. 

A one stop shop, with all major brands, and also vintage no longer available items many of which we are the only supplier in the entire world because of their limited availability.

Owned by a former Regional Manager of Nat Sherman, former Vice President of, a multiple tobacco store owner, and overall expert professional of the tobacco, pipe tobacco, and roll your own industry.  We have answers to the hardest questions and we would love to have the opportunity to serve you our customer. 

Try Big Bag rolling papers, they are better quality than Zig Zag and only half the price